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The NimrodRetainer

Thursday 16th March 2017

The Traditional thermoformed Long term retainer has now been replaced with the New NimrodRetainer, which is milled for the perfect fit.  The advantages of using the new NimrodRetainer is:  Flexible, indestructible and can go into undercuts Thinner than a thermoformed retainer Can be used as a dual retainer to go over a fixed bonded retainer The patient can drink hot drinks while the retainer is in the mouth We are confident that this retainer will last for a long time, therefore there is a 1-... read more

Could a 3D Printed Implant Drill Guide be useful for me?

Wednesday 22nd June 2016

Guided surgery is the safest and most efficient way to accurately place an implant. We are here to work alongside the clinician to provide precise drilling guides for the most aesthetic results. Why should I use a 3D printed implant drill guide? More relaxed implant placement and faster surgery Highly accurate for precise angle insertion, especially on posterior segment where widening is restricted Immediate loading is possible with a guide Increased accuracy in implant placement Facilitates... read more

Do I need to take a Clear Aligner course?

Tuesday 12th April 2016

We are all aware of the demand for Clear Aligners over traditional straightening methods in recent years. Very popular with patients looking for great results relatively quickly with a removable, hygienic and virtually undetectable appliance. As demand continues to rise, as a practitioner, do you need to take a course to get started? We think it is important. Especially if you have no experience providing this type of treatment and are not trained in orthodontics, a course can give you the... read more

Combining aligning systems - the new NimrodAligner for straightforward to complex cases

Tuesday 8th March 2016

After years of research and development, we finally launched our new aligner at the first European Aligner Society Congress in Vienna. We have called it the NimrodAligner. Combining the biomechanics of straight wire (brackets) and clear aligners, we think we have reduced considerably the downsides of having these kind of treatments and focus more on the positive features. We knew that it was sometimes necessary to use multiple appliances and aligners to achieve the desired aligned result so... read more

Using a portal as a communication tool between the Dentist and the Lab

Monday 1st February 2016

There are a variety of ways dentists communicate with labs, be that on a labsheet, in an email, or on the phone. However, through our own experience, we have found that some communications are missed or simply miscommunicated. This commonly occurs when messages or advice is given over the phone where there is sometimes little evidence that a conversation took place. We wanted to mitigate these problems and streamline communication with our clients. We wanted a tool that would allow our clients... read more

The Importance of Retention

Thursday 7th January 2016

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, the importance of retention afterwards goes without saying. There is such a wide variety of retainers available now that it can be a tough choice deciding which one to opt for to ensure that relapse after treatment does not occur. Over the years, it’s been plain to see that Essix retainers are by far one of the most popular retainers on the market, as they are thin and comfortable to wear, as well as incredibly discreet. As popular as Essix retainers... read more