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The NimrodRetainer

The traditional thermoformed long term retainer has been replaced with the NimrodRetainer, which is milled for the perfect fit. 

The advantages of using the NimrodRetainer are:


  • Flexible, indestructible and can go into undercuts

  • Thinner than a thermoformed retainer

  • Can be used as a dual retainer to go over a fixed bonded retainer

  • The patient can drink hot drinks while the retainer is in the mouth

  • We are confident that this retainer will last for a long time, therefore there is a 1-year breakage warranty

  • If the retainer hasn’t been worn and the teeth start moving, the NimrodRetainer can move them back in to line

If you require more information on this new retainer, just call or email us and we will do our best to help you. 


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