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  • Some form of long term retention is highly recommended.

  • Without a retainer, patient’s teeth are almost sure to revert to their original position.

  • Patients should wear retainers ‘full time’ for the first three months after treatment and then just at night for the next three months.




  • Flexible, indestructible and can go into undercuts.

  • Thinner than a thermoformed retainer.

  • Can be used as a dual retainer to go over a fixed bonded retainer.

  • The patient can drink hot drinks while the retainer is in the mouth.

  • We are confident that this retainer will last for a long time, therefore there is a 1-year breakage warranty.

  • If the retainer hasn’t been worn and the teeth start moving, the NimrodRetainer can move them back in to line.

  • Many practitioners prescribe long-term retention in the form of a Lingual Bonded Retainer made in wire or milled in tooth shade material.

Bonding Instructions


Call 020 7387 6930 or email for more information.

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