NimroDENTAL – Orthodontic Laboratory


I use NimroDENTAL Clear Aligner System to finish Inman Aligner Cases or as a standalone treatment for mild crowding. The lab staff and technicians are very helpful every time I call to discuss a case. The Aligners are very effective, professionally finished and presented. Altogether a first class lab experience.

Dr Iain MacArthur. Glasgow

When I was looking to introduce the Inman Aligner into the UK, I met Nimrodental through a contact who told me they could deliver on quality and support. Since then together we have successfully brought the Inman Aligner to the UK market and have actually overtaken the US in production in a few years. This has helped to change the face of cosmetic dentistry in the UK. Thank you Nimrod.

Dr Tif Qureshi

I have been using the lab for 5 years now, the aftercare support and discussion of cases is certainly expert led. I have and do recommend Nimrodental to others.

Dr. Krupal Shah

I have been using Nimrodental from Germany for 4 years now for Inman Aligners, Clear Aligners and Fan Expanders. Whenever I had a question, the team members promptly email me back. I like the friendly and very professional attitude of the Nimrodental team and the ongoing support. I recommend Nimrodental to any dentist who does Orthodontics. Thanks to emails and next day delivery, the distance from Germany to the UK has never been a problem. 

Dr. Alex Ilbag

Since 2008 I have been using Nimrodental Lab and I have recommended the services to every dentist planning to begin treatment with Inman Aligners. 100% reliability regarding treatment plans, consistency in quality, incredibly quick to answer my messages and great support.

Dr. Jan Pettersson - Finland

We have worked with Nimrodental for 5 years and are very satisfied with not just the work the lab delivers, but the services. Communication is very professional, we value the personal contacts and advice on e-mails as well as telephone calls in order to secure the patient the best possible treatment. The lab delivers top quality products at a fair price, which is the reason I have chosen to work with Nimrodental despite my practices being in Denmark. "If your standard is high – Nimrodental is the “buy”

Dr. Rikke Freitag- Denmark

The superb combination of Hugo at Nimro-Dental and Co diagnostix software by Bredent makes implant planning and placement as simple as child's play. From complete navigation surgical guides to more simpler surgical stents this takes all the guesswork and risk out of implant placement. This also means that you do not need carry a large reservoir or stock of implants, as predetermined implant selection is more accurate and finessed - which itself is a considerable saving in cash flow. Furthermore the saving in clinical / surgical time is an extra bonus. With Co diagnostix able to work with most implant systems, this really is a recipe for guaranteed success. 

Dr Amjad Malik

I have used Nimrodental’s services for over 5 years now. The services are very well run with good communications, from the receptionist organising pick up to liaising between technicians and dentist. The technicians are very knowledgeable, friendly and efficient so it's very easy to discuss cases, treatments needs etc...The jobs are collected very promptly and delivered back on time.  I would highly recommend the lab to any practitioner. Dr. Jonathan Wu

Dr. Jonathan Wu

I’ve had the pleasure of using Nimrodental for a variety of dental products over several years and their reliability and customer support is second to none. Hugo and the team are constantly moving with the times and innovating with new technologies and services. Recently as Course Director for the SMOP Guided Implant course I’ve been lucky enough to visit their lab on a few occasions and the technology at their fingertips is phenomenal.

Adam Nulty