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Which is the right Orthodontic Lab for me?

What should I look for when looking for an orthodontic lab that will meet my needs?

There are plenty of orthodontic laboratories to choose from but it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. We have laid out a simple guide to help you make an informed decision and choose the right lab for your needs.

Is this a full service Lab or are they just promoting one brand? 

The first step is to find an all-round orthodontic laboratory so you can get the best they can offer and the most suitable appliance for each case. Laboratories which make only one brand will offer you what they have and not what you need. 

Should I visit the Lab to see how professional the Lab is?

It is advisable to take the trouble and visit the lab, meet the team and make sure you are happy with the place, the techniques and machinery your appliances are going to be made with. 

What level of support can the Lab offer me? 

Make sure you have a lab that can help you along the way with advice, ideas and alternative appliances. Cheap, inexperienced technicians should be avoided as you will end up paying much more! Make sure that the lab has a DAMAS accreditation and the technicians are GDC registered, experienced and carry out work to a high standard. 

Does the Lab have enough technicians to provide constant flow of work and meet deadlines?

Make sure the lab is large enough so it can provide a consistent service. Small labs can become ‘too busy’ very quickly or have staff missing and this will affect the level of service you will receive.

What tracking and accounting systems should I expect? How easy it is to make a payment?

You will need a Lab with a good tracking service that you can log on and see where your case is and when it will be sent. Good administration and accounts departments with a variety of easy payment methods. 

How fast can the lab turn around my work? Do they have an express service? How is the work being sent to the practice?

Essential to your practice should be quick turnaround times with a facility for express services. A Lab which uses a reliable courier, notifying you when work is on its way, will arrive safely and one that can ensure your work will not be damaged or lost. 

How technologically advanced is the Lab? Do they use the latest materials, software & machinery?

The Lab should be up to date with all the latest developments in technology using high quality CE marked materials. Using cheap material will cost you more in repairs and remakes and will waste time. Make sure you know where your appliances are made, it is preferable to use a Lab that does not outsource appliances. 

Does the Lab have a good reputation? 

Glossy websites can be misleading! It is important to have references, testimonials and personal recommendations about the Lab, this will give you a good impression of how the lab performs in practice.


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