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Treatment Plans for Clear Aligners and Brackets

At NimroDENTAL we offer the best possible support throughout the patient’s treatment. Our treatment plans are created to help guide the Clinician through each stage of treatment and visualise the end results.

The treatment plan is divided into stages with clear objectives of what needs to be achieved on each stage and includes:

  • A detailed case analysis.

  • Advice on additional treatment requirements.

  • Accurate measurements of tooth movement according to the occlusion and IPR limitations using specialised 3D software.

  • Before and after images for each stage.

  • IPR and composite anchors placement for each stage.

  • Clear realistic goals which can be achieved.

  • Before and after images of the expected results.

Click here for an example of our Clear Aligner Treatment Plan.

Click here for an example of our Brackets Treatment Plan.

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Treatment plans for clear aligners and brackets
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