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Wire Bonded Retainer

Key Features:

  • Wire selection: 3 size of Multi-Strand wire

  • Flat wires – Hard and Soft

  • Nickel Free Wire

  • 3D printed jig to hold the wire in position while bonding

  • Wire position allows interdental brushing

  • Upper retainer will be placed in consideration with the lower Incisors

NEW Tooth Coloured Milled Bonded Retainer

After more than 30 years of making wire bonded retainers, new advances in 3D design and manufacturing enable us to develop this new retainer.

This will satisfy the numerous requests from dentists and patients to have a tooth coloured bonded retainer.

Key features:

  • Retainer looks like integral part of the lingual surfaces of the teeth

  • Connecting bar between the pads allow interdental brushing.

  • Connecting bar allows a slight physiological movement of the teeth.

  • The thickness of the pads is only 0.8mm

  • Transfer cups on the premolars will be cut and smoothed after bonding

  • Tooth colour material will not show when gaps exists between teeth

  • Can help retaining torqued roots and teeth

  • Retainer is passive - no torsional load on the retained teeth.


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