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Digital Set-up for Indirect Bonding

Our 3D department is expanding allowing us to improve and widen our products and services with our state of the art 3D system. This allows us to provide Digital Indirect Bonding Set-ups in our Bracket Department.  

Advantages of a digital set-up and pre-bent arch wires:

  • Any brand of brackets can be used.

  • Alignment and the position of brackets can change at any time during the treatment.

  • Dentists can comment on the expected final alignment and request the lab to modify it.

  • Dentists can comment on the position of each bracket and modify it before the set-up is done.

  • If a single bracket is or has to be removed during treatment, the bracket can be placed in the exact same position using a single unit stent.

  • The set-up can show collision points between brackets on the opposing arch and allow us to modify it.

  • The set-up can indicate the need for IPR which can help speed up the treatment.

  • Any wire can be used.

  • For severe crowding the technician can make the set-up in a few stages so the amount of force generated by the wires is reduced.

  • Laboratory pre-bent arch wires can save chair side time, make the alignment more accurate so the wire matches the desired alignment and not the other way around.

  • The torque control is better.

  • The patient can see the predicted final alignment on a printed model.

  • The dentist can use a digital impressions.


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