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3D Scanning & Printing

True to NimroDENTAL's commitment to dentistry’s cutting edge technology, our 3D printing centre is revolutionising and accelerating producing high quality 3D printed models supplied at a relatively low cost. We are capable of providing high precision 3D printed models (15µm to 75µm) from impressions which are sent to us physically or digitally.


  • There is no need to store bulky, physical models at your practice as your 3D digital files can be stored electronically on your computer and 3D models printed on demand. If your practice is fully digital, 3D printing eliminates the need for physical impressions.

  • We can provide all the set-ups on a 3D printed model to show the expected final alignment of your patient’s teeth as standard.

  • Our high quality printed ortho-study models are angle trimmed with a high gloss finish and more aesthetically pleasing than plaster working models. They can be stored by you for many years and will not lose their colour.

Call 020 7387 6930 or email for more information.

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