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The Importance of Retention

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, the importance of retention afterwards goes without saying. There is such a wide variety of retainers available now that it can be a tough choice deciding which one to opt for to ensure that relapse after treatment does not occur. Over the years, it’s been plain to see that Essix retainers are by far one of the most popular retainers on the market, as they are thin and comfortable to wear, as well as incredibly discreet.

As popular as Essix retainers appear to be, we are always looking into new ways to make a patient’s experience with removable retention even more comfortable, discreet, but most importantly, easier to live with. Through experience, we have discovered that one particular downfall for Essix retainers seems to be its longevity. On some occasions the materials used within this retainer, paired with daily use for a long period of time, can cause the retainer to crack, split or wear away. With this in mind, we have eliminated this concern in the form of our new NimrodRetainer.

Made with the highest quality bio-compatible material and at half the thickness of the Essix retainers, the NimrodRetainer is virtually indestructible despite being completely flexible. New features also include the fact that it is designed to also make small tooth movements- effectively working as a finisher simultaneously- and it is completely heat-resistant too, so can be kept in the mouth when drinking hot beverages but also when eating.

We are so confident in the quality and the long-lasting benefits of the NimrodRetainer that we offer a one year guarantee from the date of purchase, as we believe that it should not need to be replaced.

The NimrodRetainer is available now.


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