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Using a portal as a communication tool between the Dentist and the Lab

There are a variety of ways dentists communicate with labs, be that on a labsheet, in an email, or on the phone. However, through our own experience, we have found that some communications are missed or simply miscommunicated. This commonly occurs when messages or advice is given over the phone where there is sometimes little evidence that a conversation took place.

We wanted to mitigate these problems and streamline communication with our clients. We wanted a tool that would allow our clients to see everything in one place: treatment plans, costs, before and after models, return dates and messages. We think we have found the answer in our online portal.

Launched late last year, the portal website is designed to serve as a communication tool between the dentist and the Lab allowing each dentist to have their own account which can store all their patients’ cases. Each time we send a message to the dentist regarding a case or vice versa, an email alert will be sent with a direct link to the appropriate case on the dentist’s portal account.


The main advantages of NimroDENTAL’s portal are:


  • The dentist no longer needs to find a time slot between patients to answer a Lab enquiry. The dentist can reply to a portal message anytime, anywhere, inside or outside of the surgery
  • The portal shows before and after images that can be shared with a colleague or a patient. The images can be in a 2D or 3D format
  • The dentist can purchase Inter proximal Reduction disposables with just one click
  • A comprehensive treatment plan can be ordered in one click
  • All communications are kept separately for each case so it is easy to follow case histories
  • It can be used as an archive to store all cases


Your account can be accessed here:

To see all of your cases, simply type in 'c' to the search bar and all your cases will be listed.

Contact NimroDENTAL if you experience any problems logging in.