NimroDENTAL – Orthodontic Laboratory

3D Printed Models

3D Printed Ortho-Study Models

NimroDENTAL's ortho-study models are angle trimmed with a high gloss finish and more aesthetically pleasing than plaster working models. They can be stored for many years and not lose their colour. On request, a digital scan for model storage is sent with the model on a USB.

Acrylic Demonstration Models

Our extremely realistic acrylic models are effective communication tools designed to help you show your patient clearly the way your proposed treatment will work. The models are very durable and can be used for many years in the practice.
Furthermore, we can make any appliance of your choice to fit on the acrylic models so the patients will have a better understanding of their treatment.

3D Printed Models for Crown and Bridge

We are now able to provide other laboratories with 3D printed crown and bridge working models with unlimited dyes at an accuracy of 15 microns. An stl file is required for printing.

3D Printed Surgical Aids

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