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Welcome to NimroDENTAL orthodontic laboratory

Established in 1991, one of the UK's most specialised and technologically advanced dental laboratories, providing dentists with a highly personalised service.

We wish to thank all our clients for being patient with the our extended turnaround time. Due to the COVID-19 government guidelines, our production was initially slowed down but we are now catching up!


We use 4 aligning systems:

We also provide:

Tracked postage labels:

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NEW Tooth Coloured Milled Bonded Retainer

29 Jun

After more than 30 years of making wire bonded retainers, new advances in 3D design and manufacturing enable us to develop this new retainer. This will satisfy the numerous requests from dentists and... read more

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Clear aligners: How has the technology evolved?

7 Aug

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