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Welcome to NimroDENTAL

Established in 1991, we are one of the UK's most specialised and technologically advanced dental laboratories, providing dentists with a highly personalised service. 

We use two aligning systems:

We also provide:

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Orthodontic Dental Laboratory

About Us

NimroDENTAL is an independent, family run, full service orthodontic lab. Operating for over 30 years, we have gathered a vast amount of experience in making a variety of the most effective appliances.

Our team are hugely experienced and are able to share their expertise, consulting on treatment options and advising on the latest appliances and technology.

At NimroDENTAL digital technology is used extensively.


Digital impressions can be sent to us as many of our appliances are made using computer assisted design and manufacturing.

Our milling centre can provide you with appliances such like the long term NimrodRetainer, Bruxism splints and sleep appliances. Our 3D printing centre can print models, or any other parts including images sent as a CT scan.

We have a large selection of retainers to suit the patient’s individual needs. Thermoform retainers are made within 3 days. Bonded retainers made with a wire or a milled tooth coloured material can be made within a week, and we offer a same day retainer service.

NimroDental Laboratory

If you are based in Central London, our own courier can collect or deliver work to your practice. 

We have an online chat service and a Customer Service telephone line.

We look forward to supporting you in achieving the best results for your patient.

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