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What is the power chain for?

The power chain is used in the early stages of the treatment because a tooth is protruding and it is uncomfortable for the patient to wear the acrylic bow at that moment in time. The power chain is placed exactly where the acrylic bow would be placed and is used for approximately 6 weeks.

During this time you will need to continue to see the patient every 2 weeks and perform IPR as normal. If the power chain becomes loose because the teeth are retracting, you should re-hook the chain on another hole to make it tighter.

Once the tooth has retracted you can either send the Inman Aligner back to the lab or watch the demonstration video on the website to replace the power chain with the bow. If you are sending the appliance to the lab please include the set up model (usually a plastic model) and the acrylic bow in order to replace the power chain. The process will be completed within 3 days so there is no relapse. Although the service is free a delivery charge will be added. 

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