NimroDENTAL – Orthodontic Laboratory

Speaking your language

And we don't just mean orthodontic or dental jargon!

Nimrod Tal established NimroDENTAL Orthodontic Solutions in 1991. Based in London, his full service laboratory is one of the most modern in the UK, using cutting edge dental technology to provide high quality specialist appliances and services.

The team at NimroDENTAL are hugely experienced and are able to share their expertise, consulting on treatment options and advising on the latest appliances and technology in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Hebrew, Greek, Bulgarian and Romanian.

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Nimrod Tal

Managing Director

Ody Kalanidis

Inman Aligner & Nimrod Aligner Department Manager

Marvin Marais

Clear Aligners Department Manager

Agnieszka Dziedziul

Production manager