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New product-Retainer Pack (long term)

6 July 2021

Many of our clients have requested us to put together this new pack to provide patients with long-term... read more

NEW Tooth Coloured Milled Bonded Retainer

29 June 2017

After more than 30 years of making wire bonded retainers, new advances in 3D design and manufacturing enable... read more

New product-Retainer Pack (long term)

6 July 2021

Many of our clients have requested us to put together this new pack to provide patients with long-term retention and replacement retainers in case of wear and tear, damage or loss.   The Retainer Pack contains: - 1 x NimrodRetainer -2 x Zendura Retainers per arch.   All Models are scanned and saved, so they can be reprinted for further future additional retainers. Retainers can be made in conjunction with a Bonded Retainer. Cost: £199 per arch.   For more information on: -NimrodRetainer please visit - The Zendura Retainer material please visit

NEW Tooth Coloured Milled Bonded Retainer

29 June 2017

After more than 30 years of making wire bonded retainers, new advances in 3D design and manufacturing enable us to develop this new retainer. This will satisfy the numerous requests from dentists and patients to have a tooth coloured bonded retainer. Key features: Retainer looks like integral part of the lingual surfaces of the teeth. Connecting bar between the pads allow interdental brushing. Connecting bar allows a slight physiological movement of the teeth. The thickness of the pads is only 0.8mm Transfer jigs on the premolars will be cut and smoothed after bonding. Tooth colour material will not show when gaps exists between teeth. Can help retaining torqued roots and teeth. Retainer is passive - no torsional load on the retained teeth. Call 020 7387 6930 or email: for more information

Back on Social media!

14 February 2017

After being inactive for some time on social media due to technical problems, we would like to anounce to you we are back and posting every working day. Don't forget to follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter for all new updates and information on appliances we are making.   

Register Interest in the Study Clubs

11 January 2017

We are happy to announce to you, that we, at NimroDental Lab, will be starting to hold Evening Study Clubs. Come join us in our Lab for the upcoming study clubs. To register interest in these upcoming study clubs, please go to the 'Education Centre' and choose 'Study Clubs' from the dropdown list. Then just register in the study club that interests you, and we will contact you to confirm the booking. We at NimroDental look forwad to seeing you here with us at the Study Clubs!

NimroDENTAL Portal has launched!

29 October 2015

For our clients: Simply go to Type in your email and password  To see all of your cases, simply type in 'c' to the search bar and all your cases will be listed Contact us if you experience any problems logging in

Online Portal Launching Soon!

14 May 2015

We are always looking for new ways to streamline our service to you so are pleased to announce the launch of our own online portal.  Not only will it be a useful tool for sending, receiving and downloading models and keeping them all in one place, the portal will also allow you to check all case statuses and communication had between your practice and the lab. A hassle free service, by signing up and using the portal you will receive a preliminary set up free of charge with every Inman Aligner or Clear Aligner case and be able to give us the go ahead with just one click. Don't forget- you will always be able to talk to Nimrodental directly over the phone. The portal's expected launch is early July. Please look out for flyers in cases returned to you and for emails detailing how to set up your account with us.

Implant Drilling Guides

9 April 2015

NimroDental now produce this unique service to our dentists. Operating a fully digital system, we are able to save the practitioner time and provide the utmost surgical accuracy. The 3D printed Drill Guide will: Increase stability during the drilling procedure. Increase accuracy, especially for multi implant cases made on the same appointment. Prevent potential inaccuracies caused by misaligned scan templates. Allow direct drilling without cutting through the gums to expose the bone, ultimately shortening operation time and making the healing period significantly shorter. Contact us for further information. 

Intraoral Scanners

1 April 2015

Intra-oral scanning is becoming increasingly popular in orthodontics and for dentists the advantages of taking digital impressions are numerous: Faster to take than traditional methods of impression taking. Accuracy increased= an improvement in clinical results. Reduced risk of having to retake impressions because of distortions. This also benefits the patient. Patients have a more comfortable experience (decreased chance of gagging).​ Here at Nimrodental we have an in-house 3D printing department so if you have an intraoral scanner in your practice send us the .stl files and we will print the models saving you time and money... and no more distorted impressions! Contact us for more information.

Clear finishers

11 December 2014

Are you losing time trying to finish your fixed brackets cases? Then NimroDental has a solution! Our unique service will mean your patient’s case will be finished quickly and effectively by using a few Nimrodental Clear finishers. Patients will be happier when they have replaced bulky brackets with discreet clear aligners to perfect the alignment, and you are more likely to see an improvement in their overall oral hygiene. Please contact us for more details. 

Crown and Bridge Models

24 September 2014

We are now able to provide laboratories with 3D printed crown and bridge working models with unlimited dyes at an accuracy of 15 microns. An stl file is required for printing.   Please contact us for further details of this service