NimroDENTAL – Orthodontic Laboratory

Would you like a second opinion on your patient’s suitability for orthodontic treatment before you go ahead?

We have been providing general dentists with orthodontic services for many years. Quite often dentists do not want to start taking impressions and bite records before they have a second opinion confirming that the patient is suitable for orthodontic treatment. Dentists usually email a few snap shots, informing us what the patient is unhappy about, but often we find that the information we are provided with is insufficient. It may be because of bad quality photos, not noticing periodontal or occlusal problems, or not reporting on implants which, of course, cannot be moved.

This led us to the idea of creating an App. We called it OrthoCheck.

OrthoCheck is designed to provide a quick initial assessment for the possibility of tooth alignment while taking into consideration the aligning techniques used by the dentist and within the time frame requested by the patient.

OrthoCheck will guide you in submitting preliminary records stage by stage:

  • Take snapshots of the patient’s teeth from six different angles.
  • Identify the teeth the patient would like straightened.
  • Provide a time frame in which the treatment should be completed.
  • Indicate if any teeth have periodontal problems.
  • Identify implanted teeth.

Once you receive the initial assessment from Nimrodental, you will be able to save or print it as a PDF file which can then be sent to the Lab with impressions if the patient decides to go ahead with orthodontic treatment.

OrthoCheck will allow:

  • Initial decision to go ahead with treatment within a short time. 
  • Streamline communication with the Lab by providing sufficient information.
  • Provide initial photographic and assessment records.

​Download OrthoCheck here: