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Do I need to take a Clear Aligner course?

We are all aware of the demand for Clear Aligners over traditional straightening methods in recent years. Very popular with patients looking for great results relatively quickly with a removable, hygienic and virtually undetectable appliance. As demand continues to rise, as a practitioner, do you need to take a course to get started? We think it is important. Especially if you have no experience providing this type of treatment and are not trained in orthodontics, a course can give you the confidence you need to start your first case.

NimroDENTAL provides an online course covering the basic aspects of Clear Aligner orthodontic treatment, guiding you through cases of all difficulties with clear visual examples.

During the course you will be guided through the following topics:

  • Case Selection
  • Clinical procedures
  • Record Taking
  • How the lab process works from Impression to Aligner
  • NimroDENTAL Clear Aligner specific movement possibilities with examples
  • Technical and Clinical support
  • IPR techniques

After the course you should know:

  • How NimroDENTAL track the progress of the case to make sure your patient's treatment runs as smoothly as possible with the best results
  • The kind of treatment plans we provide
  • The specific movement possibilities with clear visual examples
  • Our costs of Clear Aligners and treatment planning
  • Details of the free marketing we provide

The course can be completed in your own time with no time limit or expiration date and is very user friendly. If you have any questions when taking the course we are always happy to help.   

After you have read through and understood the material you will be directed to our website where you will need to answer 30 questions and, once answered correctly, you will be issued with a certificate. The NimroDENTAL Clear Aligner course is worth the equivalent of 3 hours CPD.

Whilst the course is not compulsory before using our Clear Aligners, it may prove to be an incredibly useful tool to get you started.

The course is downloadable and costs £145. Click ‘buy online’ to purchase and take the course. 

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