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Combining aligning systems - the new NimrodAligner for straightforward to complex cases

After years of research and development, we finally launched our new aligner at the first European Aligner Society Congress in Vienna. We have called it the NimrodAligner. Combining the biomechanics of straight wire (brackets) and clear aligners, we think we have reduced considerably the downsides of having these kind of treatments and focus more on the positive features.

We knew that it was sometimes necessary to use multiple appliances and aligners to achieve the desired aligned result so during our research and production stages we aimed to create the ultimate removable orthodontic alignment system which was able to move teeth efficiently & quickly with just one appliance.

Ours is designed in a way that allows the entire arch to move in any direction with labial/lingual arch wires and cups which transfer the forces effectively. Should expansion be required, we have incorporated this too. We think our aligner will reduce clinical time dramatically by removing the time-consuming hassle of fitting appliances such as fixed brackets by providing a bespoke pre-aligned appliance that simply needs to be placed on the teeth. We have adapted the force and pressure of the movement to be effective for just 16 hours a day, allowing the patient to remove the appliance for an entire 8-hour working day, in order to grant the roots sufficient time to recover.

The advantages of the NimrodAligner are numerous:

  • All forces are delivered simultaneously reducing treatment time considerably
  • Wear time is around 16 hours a day allowing the roots gums & blood supply to recover & prevent root resorption
  • The appliance seats tight on the teeth with the help the small composite anchors
  • Wire slots are placed digitally on cups in an optimal horizontal plane to hold the arch wires so they move the teeth to their pre-aligned position
  • The wire slots are anatomically friendly, very smooth and well tolerated
  • The appliance can be removed for cleaning or when the patient wants to speak freely
  • A continuous gentle force applied on teeth by using 0.012” NiTi wires
  • The dual arch wires are very efficient in rotation and space closure
  • Space closure can also be done by using power chain while the connecting bar provides anchorage
  • More molar width can be gained by using the flexible connecting bar as a palatal expander
  • Appliance will remain active all the time so IPR can be done gradually
  • Posterior bite plane can be added in order to open the bite

By combining all of the positive aspects of the orthodontic appliances mentioned above, the NimrodAligner may be suitable for most cases, from straightforward to complex.

See the demo video above and the appliance page here.

The NimrodAligner is available now.