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OrthoCheck is designed to provide a quick initial assessment for the possibility of tooth alignment while taking into consideration the aligning techniques used by the dentist and within the time frame requested by the patient. 

OrthoCheck will guide you in submitting preliminary records stage by stage:

  • Take snapshots of the patient’s teeth from six different angles.
  • Identify the teeth the patient wants straightened.
  • Provide a time frame in which the treatment should be completed.
  • Indicate if any teeth have periodontal problems.
  • Identify implanted teeth.

Once you receive the initial assessment from Nimrodental, you will be able to save or print it as a PDF file which can then be sent to the Lab with impressions if the patient decides to go ahead with orthodontic treatment.

OrthoCheck will allow:

  • Initial decision to go ahead with treatment within a short time.
  • Streamline communication with the Lab by providing sufficient information.
  • Provide initial photographic and assessment records.

Nimrodental Lab has been providing orthodontic services for 25 years. It has a highly trained team using CAD CAM technology and 3D scanners. Working with 3D images enables the Lab team to give an accurate measurements, assessments and solutions for dentists wishing to provide orthodontic treatment to their patients.

Nimrodental provides a full spectrum of orthodontic appliances and treatment plans to orthodontists and general dentists carrying out short term orthodontic treatment. The Lab is not limited to one appliance technique or treatment method.


Any orthodontic treatment should commence only when the roots, gums & TMJ are found functional & healthy. Radiographs should be taken and any health issue relating to tooth movement should be resolved first. The advice given on the Nimrodental App is intended to be used only as a preliminary guide. All measurements and treatment times are estimates only.  The dentist providing the treatment for the patient is responsible for all results achieved. Nimrodental bear no responsibility for the consequences resulting from using the advice given on the Nimrodental App.

All terms and conditions stated at apply.

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