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  • Some form of long term retention is highly recommended
  • Without a retainer, patient’s teeth are almost sure to revert to their original position
  • Patients should wear retainers ‘full time’ for the first three months after treatment and then just at night for the next three months


  • Flexible, indestructible and can go into undercuts
  • Thinner than a thermoformed retainer
  • Can be used as a dual retainer to go over a fixed bonded retainer
  • The patient can drink hot drinks while the retainer is in the mouth
  • We are confident that this retainer will last for a long time, therefore there is a 1-year breakage warranty
  • If the retainer hasn’t been worn and the teeth start moving, the NimrodRetainer can move them back in to line

Many practitioners prescribe long-term retention in the form of a Lingual Bonded Retainer made in wire or milled in tooth shade material.

For more information on our new tooth coloured milled bonded retainer please go to the relevant page or follow the link below.

For detailed instructions on bonding please follow this /sites/default/files/Bonding%20Instructions.docxlink


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